Custom Kippah Embroidery

Have you seen our Kippah Wall? Floor to Ceiling (almost) of different styles, colors and types for purchase, with custom embroidery. Decorate with your logo, name or initial for Shabbos, Yom Tov or Bar Mitzvah Giveaways. Come in for style options of our Custom Embroidery.

Custom Tallit Bag Design

Some of our amazing embroidered leather Tallit bag design ideas to choose from. Don't like any of our styles? Come and design your own! Choose from tons of leather samples and colors! We can have practically anything made that you can thing of for your own custom style and taste!


Tablecloth Designs

New custom size tablecloths available. Different textures, fabrics, velvets to choose from. Very Easy to clean! Style your Shabbos & Yom Tov table for company, guest or just yourselves. Come by to see for yourself, and check out our amazing prices!

We also offer many other Judaic services like Tallit & Atara cleaning, Atara repair and polishing, Shatnez checking and many others. Come in to inquire today.


Contact Us with any questions regarding specific items, books, seforim or judaica and we will be happy to assist!